Before joining any organization you always want to know what you’re getting into. And more than that, you want to make sure you believe in the organization and have some questions answered. 

Well here at KBC we’re on a journey to discover and apply the vision God has given us.  It’s where KBC’s unique gifts and resources meet the unique challenges and opportunities of Central Florida and around the world.  

Below, you can read about our vision and the other components that contribute to making this vision a reality. 

Where are we going?
We exist to experience the presence of God by cultivating a culture of families who invest in each other.


What are we doing?

Our mission at KBC is to follow Jesus, love people and make disciples.  

Jesus calls us to follow Him
(Matthew 4:19-20)

He commands His followers to love God and others
(Matthew 22:37-40)

He commissions His followers to make disciples
(Matthew 28:18-20)                   
Why are we doing it?

Biblical Authority
Living in submission to God’s Word 

Transformational Worship
Becoming more like Jesus as we glorify God 

 Relational Discipleship

Growing spiritually and inviting others to join in

Missional Living
Sharing the gospel as we show His love wherever He sends us 

How are we doing it?
Our Goal: Help people take the Next Steps on their spiritual journey toward Jesus Christ. The 8 values listed below do not describe who we are.  They describe what we are aiming for.  ALL IN believers are individuals who understand, embrace and strive for these values to be a part of who they are.
We desire to…
1. Reveal God’s Glory
2. Know and proclaim the Gospel
3. Be Transformed
4. Multiply By Making Disciples
5. Follow God’s Word
6. Invest Into The Body Of Christ
7. Serve Wholeheartedly
8. Experience Family