Children ages Pre-k2 through K
Sunday evenings from  6:00-7:00PM
Fellowship Hall
Open Registration throughout the school year.


The purpose of our children’s choir ministry is multifaceted.  Diane McMurrin, director of children’s choirs in Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida addresses this perfectly in the following excerpt.


Firstly, it allows the children opportunity to serve their church. Sunday school, Vacation Bible School, and other activities minister to children, but joining a choir gives children a chance to minister to others through music.

Second, participation in a choir gives children an opportunity to take a leadership role in the service. It gives them a sense of responsibility for the ministry of the church and helps them identify with the traditional form of worship as they grow to adulthood.

Third, children’s choirs provide opportunities to build Christian character. A choir is a team with a common goal; the qualities of promptness, self-control, cooperation, and commitment must be developed in choir members if the group is to accomplish its purpose of praising the Lord.

Fourth, children’s choirs are part of the education process. When children sing Scripture, they remember it for a lifetime. Reflecting on the message of the song as they sing instills understanding of spiritual truths and knowledge of God.

Finally, unchurched families can be drawn to the church through their children’s involvement in the worship services. Sometimes 20 percent of my choir has been made up of unchurched children—and half of their families have joined our church before the end of the year.


McMurrin, Diane. “Reformed Worship – Resources for Planning and Leading Worship.” Building a Children’s Choir. Web. 30 Aug. 2015.